Today I’ve worked hard at redemption. I don’t like when Master is upset with me, it sucks. I know he’s busy and I completely understand that but not getting to talk to him much affects me deeply. I didn’t think it would but to my surprise it bothers me. 

He hasn’t said the reason he’s not talked much to me, I’m hoping it just because he’s been very busy. Also thinking he was trying to give me the time I needed today to concentrate on school. But there’s also a part of me that thinks it’s maybe kind of a punishment for messing up. If it is a punishment I can say I seriously don’t like it, I’d rather have any other kind of punishment than that.

So I’ve been working really hard today to try and redeem myself. I don’t like the disappointment I caused with him, deep inside me I just want to please him all day everyday. In such a short time he has affected me like no other has, every fiber of my being is completely devoted to this man. I need him in every way, want him so much in my life. 


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