Dear Person,

As you guessed by the title i was bullied. It started when i was 7-8 and carried on until i left secondary school. The kids mostly bullied me because i was stupid and that i had to get help from a special teacher to learn. I was really slow at learning that my mum thought something was wrong. At the age of 7 i didn’t know what 8+8 was and all the kids knew and teased me about it. It made me feel sad and i remember being to scared to answer a question a teacher asked me and that i would get panic attacks. Well i’m still not good at Maths but i have improved a bit and for my English well i managed to move up in that. We have just found out i could be Dyslexic in Math so i am going to be tested for it in collage.

I didn’t just get bullied in school i also managed to get bullied on holiday the one place to get away from things. I was around the same age i went to Spain with my mum, we went to go stay with my mums friend Gaynor. She lived in a circle of houses with a pool in the middle i absolutely loved her house. After around 2 days into the holiday or so i made a friend who I’m not sure was the same age as me or not?.

We would play with Barbies and even though she spoke no english we had a good time. But one day her brother came to get her and he looked 14 or so but he was so nasty to me he would call me names and tell me to F**k off and all sorts, he also got his friend to join in and the little girl who was meant to be my holiday friend to call me names.

Instead of crying about it i decided to speak welsh to them (welsh is a old ancient language of Wales) to seem clever to make them think i was talking about them, it didn’t work they kept on laughing and saying horrible stuff so i went back home and i did feel hurt.

I enjoyed some of my holiday in the middle of the holiday though i went out to the pool at night to look at it because i find the night and the moon so fascinating still do to this day, and the boys friend who joined in with the names lived in the circle of houses and must of called that other boy and his sister to come over because that night. For no reason they chucked sharp stones at me i was only minding my own business! and they chased me back to my mums friends house. I was crying when i got in and i had a cut where one of the sharp stones hit my forehead. My mum said what was wrong and i told her but she didn’t do anything about it. I never made friends with people on holiday again after that.

You know i mentioned Megan 2 in y first post well she has been bullying me in a way through out high school. She would make fun of my name, make fun of my dead grandparents and call me names. but I’m to nice to her i do everything for my friends and i get treated like dirt i will talk about Megan 2 another time.

I’m hoping collage is deferent cause i don’t think i can cope with bullies anymore. People need to be more nicer in this world because its tuff on the victims.

keep tuned.

Grace xxx


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  1. I am so sorry that people are hurting you with unkind words. I know from my own personal experience how that feels. My son was also bullied in junior high and in high school. Those people who are making fun of you have very low self esteem. Things will change when you are in college. Just remember to hold your head high and don’t let their words shape who you are as a person. Don’t let their indifference and mean spirit pull you down.

  2. That is horrendous and also extremely sad to hear about your experiences. Not everybody in the world is cruel darling, stay strong and never let anybody break your spirit. I am sure you are a beautiful, sweet girl with a golden heart. Remove people from your life that don’t appreciate you for who you are. Don’t ever call yourself stupid because I imagine you are amazing in ways other people may not be. Everybody is different and there is nothing wrong with that. People have different strengths and weaknesses, that is what makes the world such a beautiful place.

    Maybe you can try to find a penpal, perhaps somebody with similar experiences, somebody you can really confide in. Try an app called Stigma it is a good platform to find a connection.

    Take care and stay strong xx

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you suffered this sweetheart. Let me just point out that you are NOT stupid. From your writing you seem like an intelligent young girl, not all intelligence has to do with what grades you get. I’m dyslexic in math by the way. I’m 25 and I still have to count with my fingers and use a calculator. If someone asked me what 9+8 was I’d have to apologise and say I don’t know so you are not alone. I wish you good luck in life sweetie and a bit of advice. Don’t try to fight back against bullies, completely ignore them instead then they’ll feel like the stupid ones, get bored and end up targeting someone else. Most bullies only keep attacking when they know they’ve got live bait, once you stop giving them something to go on they’ll move on. If anyone is bullying you beyond your control like hittiing you or physically attacking you do not be afraid to go to your mother and have her sort it out one way or another. They can be taken to court for their behaviour or atleast their parents can and I can guess it won’t be easy for them after that 😉

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