Monday, 7/25/16, 8:13am, Airbnb in KCMO, in bed

Saturday morning when I woke up I had a notification on my phone that Gabe’s window and the back door has been opened at 3:37am. I woke him up and confronted him and he mumbled some shit about how he was going to sneak out to go to a party but then he didn’t because it was cancelled.

I went to teach at NT. My hammock class was full and then I had a private with a bat shit crazy dippy bitch who, I discovered, wants to learn just enough so she can start teaching it in the town she lives in.

I got home and Gabe was in the shower but he had left his account signed in on the computer so I opened his Facebook and read his messages. He had gone out to a party, he has sold weed to several people, he had made arrangements to stay the night at some friends house instead of my parents while I’m in KC for work, he had written romantic messages to a chic that’s not his gf. I opened the bathroom door and took his phone off the toilet. He started to come out and chase me. I ran out to the car and drove away. I went to Farnam House to eat my favorite salad and decide what to do.

He started sending me some threatening messages and then I got notifications that he was messing with the alarm system. He had unplugged it so I went home. I sat down at the computer to change the wifi password and he snatched the mouse out of my hand and struggled with me so he could sign out. I told him he’s grounded for a month. He took off on his bike.

I went to hper to work out and then to while foods. I bought roasted Brussels sprouts and then went to Lili and Ryan’s party. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of yummy healthy food to eat.

When I got home I could see that Gabe and come and went. No notifications from the alarm so I don’t know goes he did that. I also found five dollars in the mailbox and saw a couple of hours hoodlum friends waiting for him in the parking lot. They saw me and quickly took off. 

Sunday morning I met Kate at KT for brunch. Then I went home and packed, stopped by NG for snacks, and started the drive to KC. I checked into my airbnb and then drove to a place called Pole Worx. The class was great; I really liked the instructor, she was totally down to earth.

Then I ate dinner at an Italian place at the plaza called Brio. Then I went next door to see The Infiltrator. It was pretty good. Came back and went to bed after that.


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