My days

My days have been long, some short some stressed! I can honestly say God has been halping me to not look at the 24 hours no different then either day to come because all days are full of different things in the life of living I am grateful that God has blessed me to see the different in maturity and levels to experience. Happy Day to you on July 25th 2016.

2 thoughts on “My days”

  1. Yes, each day is so different and so many new and wonderful things can happy as the day begins and ends. Since I retired in December I have found so much happiness in just the little things that happen in my day. Before I was always so stressed in trying to work, come home, clean house, cook dinner. Now I just take the day as it comes, enjoy it and have fun.

  2. It sounds like you are learning to enjoy each day. Are you still working?

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