My Name

I take away beauty

I take away lives

I tear apart families

You’ll live in my lies


You’ll feel so deserted

You’ll feel so insane

I’ll make you feel numb

and never give an emotional gain


The pleasure, the pain

the release that you feel

Maybe you’ll need stitches

Just so “it” will heal


I’ll help you draw lines

I’ll help you paint stars

The more you abuse me,

The more I’ll leave scars


But if I cause you death,

You just blame me

But you took me in hand

This I know you can see


I’m caused by depression

Mr. Razor’s my name

You can try to cover me up,

But I’ll still leave an emotional stain


So don’t you dare forget me,

You will remember my name

You’ll be thinking it later

As you cry out in pain

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