She’s Gone

I missed my period, my brain freaks out

I know I’m not pregnant, there is very high doubt

As i sit in the office waiting for my test,

My heart beats violently inside of my chest


The lady comes out and congratulates me,

There seems to be an absence of the air that I breathe…

She hands me a packet and bids me good luck,

This ain’t supposed to happen to ME? WHAT THE FUCK!?


I walk home alone holding my tummy,

I think of it in there -a miniature mummy-

Weeks fly by and no one yet knows,

I’ll be categorized as “one of them hoes”

My parents don’t know, and I’m not yet showing

They still see me as Hailey, beautiful and glowing


I study in class for an upcoming test

When the pain comes and my body can’t rest

I run to the bathroom, I felt something weird

But as I rip off my pants, its worse than I feared


I look down in shock and take in what has occurred,

I am completely speechless, not speaking a word

I can’t go back to class I just had a little girl

She’s underdeveloped and my mind begins to whirl

I know she is not alive, she is a little purple spot

But I am still bleeding and I don’t know if I’ll clot


I am so scared now and wondering if I’ll die,

but the hardest part is I couldn’t say goodbye

I know she has entered a way better place

She is higher than all the stars, moon, and space

I know it would have been hard, but I wanted to try

Because no mother ever wants her child to die.


Rest in peace my little angel. <3



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