Sunday funday

9:03 PM now. Wrapping up my day by writing a journal. I had a fun day today with my colleagues and friends. Started my day with a Sunday service at the new church close to my place. Very different atmosphere than what I used to. So much more energy and passion but little too wrong. The service went for 2 hours and I had to crab a sandwich after that.

Back home and changed to more comfortable clothes for hiking. Picked up Jeff and drove to the trail. Met up with Anton and Danilo and did about 6 miles hiking to Hollywood sign. The one I always wanted to do. Then we had a dinner at Korean BBQ place. Went to place called Ssam and it was pretty good. Back home and just took a shower. Feel good to get rid of all that BBQ smell.

Feel sleepy already. Probably go to bed early today. Fun day overall. Hope you had a great weekend too 🙂

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