White people be trippin’

Something has been really bothering me about the conversation I had with Logan’s sister-in-law today…Well not really one-to-one conversation with her but an open discussion between the three of us. Not even a discussion just something said aloud. 

She was talking about her baby boy and how he was such a flirt with all the girls at his school. He was super adorable and I thought that was so cute! Then right after she said that she pointed out ” I’m glad he likes girls and is not gay” ” cause nowadays society gives you the impression that it’s okay to be gay” and her words trailed off my mind. When I heard those awful words I just chose to shut down for a bit until we left. I was thinking about what she said the whole car ride back…I was thinking how could someone say that? How can you assume someones sexuality (speaking about me because if she knew I was Pansexual I bet she wouldn’t have said that in front of me) Also, how gross is it that she’s already assuming the baby’s sexuality LIKE IT’S A FREAKING BABY it loves toys not sexual reproductive organs. It just breaks my heart that these children and I’m talking about all over the world are forced into something at such a young age…They don’t get the chance to be their true selves or they’ll “go to hell” or they’re “sinners” One of the many reasons why I also dislike religion. Love is love and it’ll always be that way for me no matter what…but the government and society and churches…people…make it such a bad thing. Like it’s a curse to love…

“I am praying for the day when you and I and he and she are we. Humanity will sing harmony.”

Christofer Drew


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