9…. i won’t give up…i just can’t

I didnt really care ab0ut this site but know that i thought about it its a good way to express my feelings. I’ve been working everyday this summer, i don’t stop lol. luckily theres only 3 weeks left but thats still a long time. Me and my girlfriend are good, i went to the mall this week to buy some stuff for me and i got some gifts for her too, it was a bunch of cute stuff that i know she likes. Every day i do all i can to maker her happy. She hates that I’m busy all the time and i hate it to because i want to spend more time with her. i think she might be upset with me. Honestly i don’t even know what to feel..whenever she gets upset or pushes me away i do the opposite then what people would think. I guess if your partner pushes you away you  people would get mad at them too and say “fuck you too then!!” and leave. but i can’t do that, even if i tried too i can’t. i don’t know why. whenever she does that the only thing i want to do is hug her and comfort her, i don’t care about me anymore. i don’t care what happens at all, all i want is to make her happy, do anything i can to make her smile. I just have this feeling that the whole world can be attacking me including her, and i would just get up hug her and tell her how much i love her…i don’t why but I’m just like that, i guess thats what true love is. I want to make her smile maybe ill surprise her with pizza, she loves pizza cx, or ima get her a special gift. i love her and that last thing i want is to hurt her feelings. I will do anything for her, protect her with my life at all cost. i will fight for our love, i will never give her up never let her go, she’s everything i ever wanted, I’m the luckiest man in the world being able to have her. I only have one goal in mind, and thats being happy with her forever. The only reason I’m excited for school is that I’m gone be able to see her almost every day <3 i can’t wait!!!..update she just texted me and ima try to make make her smile and show her my love hehe. ok thats all for today I’m just gonna play some games until its bed time. good night everyone


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  1. This has got to be the cutest post. I’m glad you feel this way about her. She’s so lucky to have a guy who appreciates her so much! Hope you guys make everything workout. [:

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