A Tale of Tate

It’s been nearly 2 months since we brought home a 3 month old puppy from Labs and More Rescue. I wanted to tell the story of how Tate came to be ours. We had been looking for a dog for 6 months and decided we wanted a medium size boy dog. I first saw Tate on the website and immediately loved his eyes eventhough he was blind in one eye. When we attended the adoption event, I fell in love with him immediately. I thought he had a calm demeanor for a puppy and while my boyfriend and I were discussing the possibility of adopting him, another woman and her family were looking at him. Something in me said “This is the dog you can’t let him go.” So he became ours. Tate was found on the side of the highway in Mexico by the director of Labs and More.  I don’t know who dumped him there, but thankfully, he wasn’t run over.

I consider him a survivor. I kept the name the director gave him Tate because I liked the fact it was a unisex name and means he who brings happiness in English. However, the meaning of Tate in Native American is “the wind” which can mean he who talks too much. He is certainly a barker so I think the name is fitting and he can run like the wind. Other names he goes by are: Tater Tot & Tatum. I read somewhere that dogs don’t really know their name but they only know the sound of it. In any case, he has brought alot of happiness in my life and my greatest hope for him is that he would bring happiness to others.  20160611_132933

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