Do you realize how happy you make me? Just the thought of you in my head makes me feel great. What’s this feeling? I don’t know…
I will sing another song today while thinking of you…

When I look up at the sky, I’ll look for the moon. 
In order for me to find it immediately, it has to shine brighter and brighter.
Singing, it’s okay even if life is rough for me …

Can you hear me? I also love you. 
The words I couldn’t say back then, when we had first met, 
because of my fears. I will sing them now, as a song. 
Look up at the sky and search for the full moon 
that started to faintly shine… I want to light your path sometime. 
I want to embrace you with my warmth. 
In the wide night,  I am a small moon.
Please find me!
I can’t stop this beating heart…

One day you will understand why the song 
we hear now will connect the two of us.
If I put scars and pain into words, tears come out and I feel like crying… 
It is certain that you healed me when I was covered in rain… 
I can’t stop wanting to hold you … to be held in your arms forever.

The moon is a beautiful object that hides her scars and continues to shine.

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