Day 150 – Arrived at cottage

Monday, July 25th 2016

Oh my gosh I have a double bed all to my own, this is amazing. Kinda short though—my feet pass the bed, but they already do with my own bed anyway.

So we woke up early to get some breakfast at the hotel and it wasn’t the most satisfying of breakfasts. I always look forward to breakfast on a long trip, but not for a hotel’s breakfast, cause they never have something tasty. It’s always the typical eggs, toast, yogurt, cereal and waffle or pancakes that have this cheap maple syrup. I ended up taking two toasts with only butter, a strawberry yogurt (never liked the chunks) and apple juice that I always take, but never drink cause I don’t like it all that much (dunno why I do that), so I switched for milk.

On our way there I fell asleep for a while at the back, which was again that half asleep thing where I’m still aware of everything around me. I thought I was sleeping for like, thirty minutes, but turns out I was asleep for 3.5 hours, but now I realize that for a while when I was sleeping, I couldn’t hear my music, only when a loud song came on (shuffle), so I skipped some time. I woke up for lunch right when my stomach was growling and my parents kinda shoved me into a Wendy’s with a door that’s placed in a very hidden place, so much that someone had to tell us where it was as he was driving, and I was trying to look at the menu like “Wuh-burger…” and it wouldn’t register cause I just woke up. Finally I took a cheese burger with fries and ate it gladly. I never took an actually burger (only chicken) from a fast food restaurant, so that’s new. Turns out I like it, which was what I was trying to avoid so that I have a natural disaste of unhealthy fast food, but when you’re on a trip and very hungry, anything can taste good. As I was getting less hungry, the burger was starting to taste meh.

We drove for a while more and I sat at the front. We stopped at a Tangel Outlets—or whatever the name that we have one near where I live, but too tired to google the actual name—to kill some time because we were supposed to arrive at the cottage only at 4, but we would have arrived at 1, which we ended up arriving at 2:45 anyway, but whatever. We looked around, my grandmother bought me chocolate (2 Haystacks—chocolate milk with cocunut), I added a Pokemon to the Mystic gym nearby (tried fighting it, but too low level) and then used the nearest Pokéspot once.

We finally arrived and I checked out the places for Pokemon GO. There was stops everywhere cause there are so many churches, but they’re too far to reach, I don’t think the Wi-Fi will be able to.

On our way to the car to get groceries, I caught an Eevee with my last pokéball which ended up being a 146~CP, my highest. We got some groceries, I realized we’ve been there for 2 hours when it felt like 30 minutes, there was this cute guy at the cash register (blonde hair, bright blue eyes), but he was clearly not interested and looking extremely bored with life (reminds me of a little someone I was with for a bit) and then we got back. We relaxed, my family went for a walk, I stayed to watch YouTube, they came back, turned on Netflix only to find the U.S version does not have Doctor Who (whaaaaaat), but there was Torchwood, which I did want to watch, but had a fear it wasn’t appropriate for a family scenario (I mean, with Captain Harkness, you’d understand) and so we picked The Wave, a Norwegian disaster movie. That was stressful.

Now I’m in bed and should go to sleep now.

That’s all for today.

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