It’s almost Autumn

    It’s starting to dawn on me that the summer is ending.  My late nights of sitting outside and writing and drinking pepsi are about to pass.  Summer will be here again.  “In the blink of an eye we will all be changed.”  Things will change for all of us.  For most, the year actually starts in the Fall, that I know of.  Then when December gets here, we start dreaming of Summer again.  The seasons duplicate our hearts.

     A part of us becomes alive.  A part of us dies.  A part of us has to die for another part to come alive.  It’s beautiful.  That beauty is the inherent dignity which allows us to cry and recognize the wrongs.  It also allows us to feel beautiful or attractive in the right ways.  Through the coming seasons some of us will walk like champions, some like swans, some like wolves.  But we will all be beautiful.  We will all be dignified.  And all of our hearts will be wind, blowing us here and there.  When Summer gets here we will all be changed.  


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  1. Your writing is very lyrical —that’s a compliment, of course. I love it. Keep writing!

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