Loss of a friend

I’ve lost a friend. No, they haven’t left to a better place. No, they haven’t gone far, far away. No, we didn’t quarrel or argue over something that severed the tie. I’ve cut them loose after discovering what a monster they were. A smiling, happy, jovial, carefree person to us. But a monster, lurking in the shadows. They weren’t who I thought they were. It tears me apart how someone who appears so harmless on the exterior, have such a blackened cold heart. I don’t know if they’re worth saving from the depths of their own despair anymore. I’m trapped between helping the person who I MYSELF knew, or the fiend that I now know. Abusive, volatile, heartless and selfish. 

One thought on “Loss of a friend”

  1. I once helped a poisonous person for five years that I will never get back. At some point, I learned to let go. It was hard at first, ignoring them whenever they would call on me, sometimes desperately, pleading for my words of ‘wisdom’, but when I realized and even witnessed them going back and doing the same things they came to me for help about, I dropped them. It wasn’t easy and for a while, I isolated myself from our common circles and ignored any of them that came looking for me. It was easier for me to let go and now I can speak to this person without so much as a feeling from the past. I am not suggesting you do what I did, but in the long run, leaving them be will be much better for your mind. Peace will be near.

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