I retired from my job in December.  My 401K was with Fidelity.  I had my brother help me so that I could transfer the funds from Fidelity to Vanguard.  I called Fidelity and they told me that they would send paperwork for me to fill out.  I would then need to send it back in order for them to release my money to me.  

They released  my money by giving me 3 different checks.  I then sent those checks to Vanguard and so that my retirement can build. I can’t take anything out of this fund until June of 2018.

The other day I received a statement from Fidelity and saw that it shows I have $4,600.00 in a fund that my employer put in for me.  I was shocked.  I thought that I had taken everything out in Feb including the money that my employer invested.

I called a friend of mine to discuss this.  She and her husband retired before I did from the same company.  She said the same thing happened to her husband.  He too received a statement from Fidelity several months after he retired and there was more money there for him too.

I am so excited.  I will need to contact this company and go through that process once again asking them to release a check for me so that I can then put that new found money in Vanguard.  Since I have the Vanguard account I have been making more of a profit each month that I ever did with Fidelity.  Hopefully by the time I can start taking money out in 2018 I will have a nice amount invested.

I always said when I retired that God would find a way to take care of me.  I am on a limited income right now, but if I can wait until I am 70 I will be able to take out my full social security benefits and also collect from my 401K.  By then I would have a nice income to live on and not have to be on such a tight budget as I am on now.  

I think I just received $4,600.00 worth of pennies from heaven.

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