My Journal for Monday

Nothing to special to write. My daily routine has not been changed much I just enjoy more time at work here. Skating commuting continues and being busy at work. Although I spent an entire day working on projects, I still feel like I need to hit something big which gives me a little bit of pressure. However, it’s definitely getting better than before.

Today, spent most of time working on dashboard design and HTML email guideline. I realize every time when I write something that I need to improve my writing skill but the only way to do it is keep writing and reading. I should more time on them especially on reading.

Got off work around 6:30 then met up with Dosung for dinner. Went to Jokbal place in K-town and had spicy pork feet lol and soju. It’s nice to have a friend who can go have Korean food with. Back home around 9 PM and ended up working for hour and a half. I didn’t mean to work but after checking work email, I couldn’t help myself doing it. I went through bunch of websites and took screenshots for inspiration. I believe that we can come up with better design for our site.

10:40 PM now! I will go to sleep soon. I want to woke up early to go get a chest x-ray at 8 AM. Goodnight all!

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