Today was a good day, I was able to relax and recover from yesterday. Master decided that since I was a good girl by completing my school work ahead of time that today I could relax. Only commands he had for me was to clamp and plug, which of course I did. I also was able to edge today, I did it 3 times! I had a hard time controlling myself the third time but I did it! 

I am so sexually frustrated, Master is good at keeping me that way. I know he enjoys keeping me under his control, controlling when and how I get release. I like it too, it drives me crazy! It is hard for me to not want to let loose, get that release that I desperately crave but I know if I do without permission I will be punished. I would rather get some enjoyment and fun without the release than be punished and all that go away. 

Not sure why but today I have also been exhausted, literally physically and mentally exhausted. I woke up like this and felt this way all day ugh. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, I don’t like this feeling. I’m always up and moving and doing things but today ugh I’ve just been lazy and that bugs me. 

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