Today I saw a Buzzfeed article about little girls cosplaying Rey! You know, from the new Star Wars movie! And IT WAS AWESOME! I haven’t gotten into Star Wars–probably because of its age, and because no one in my family was ever really invested in it–but I know about Rey, and I know I’d love her character, because she’s strong, smart, brave, and all-around badass.

Which brings me to the thought that there aren’t many of those characters around. Smart, strong, brave women who don’t give a shit and just strive to be what they want to be, not just sexualized damsels in distress. It’s always like, “OH she’s a woman and therefore must be weak/stupid/jealous/spiteful/petty/ignorant”, or “she’s only there to have sex with the lead male”, or something. It’s sad and sickening. So it’s always great to see women who aren’t just love interests, or nameless fucks, or jealous wives, or helpless lovers.

That’s why Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Rey, and other such characters are so inspiring. (Although I was rather disappointed by Hermione ending up with Ron, because I feel like she would have to put up with a hell of a lot of his sometimes rather obtuse moments once they got married, which means she would have to make a lot of compromises. And every time he was mean to her, like when he made her cry in Goblet of Fire, or abandoned her and Harry in Deathly Hallows, made me that much more biased to their relationship and relationships like theirs in general. I know, I’m a horrible person for that. It’s not that I don’t like Ron–I hate fanfiction that bashes him or makes him a cheater or an alcoholic, because I do think he’s a good person and a good friend and he would never be awful like that–I just really don’t think they would work well together, as a couple. So, yeah, I’m still a horrible person for disliking the canon…)

Getting off topic, yet again.

Anyway, I’m just glad that there are more characters to appreciate and identify with now. There are finally POC, LGBTQA+ characters, strong females…the only problem is, there are thousands and thousands of horrible biased trolls online, like the ones that harrassed Leslie Jones. They’re disgusting. I hate how people are still so sexist, so racist, so homophobic and transphobic. It’s the twenty-first century, for fuck’s sake! Why are you still so ignorant and so vilely cruel to other people for things like gender, race, or sexual orientation?

So, three cheers for the people who created Rey and effectively pissed off the dickheads who still think it’s okay to shame women for being women. Those little girls cosplaying Rey are so adorable! Hopefully there will be more and more diverse characters like her in the future, so all kids have someone to identify with and look up to!


Have a good day, and stay chill.

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  1. You forgot about Ellen Ripley, who in my opinion is still the gold standard for female heros: strong, competent, independent, never having to rely on feminine charms – basically a role that could just as well have been portrayed by a man, probably because it was originally written to be played by one.
    Or Éowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan, who had to dress up as a man to ride into battle. Actually, though male dominated (something to be expected from book written in the first half of the 20th century) there are some pretty strong female characters in Tolkien’s Universe, such as Galadriel or Luthien. That’s why it always makes me angry that they focused so much on Arwen in the movies, who in all 6 LotR books only does: looking pretty at dinner, sewing a flag and marrying Aragorn. But I guess being pretty is still considered more desirable, even today.
    Actually, I have named my daughter after one of the characters I just mentioned. 😉

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