If I am sitting outside, if the wind plays games with my hair. I start thinking. The sun is shining in my face, makes me smile, although it’s a sad smile.

My whole life seems so short, but so full of pain and happiness. And still I know I enjoy it. Looking back on my life I hope I can continue to be happy just like I was when I was a little girl.

The sadness came and the happiness disappeared with the realisation that the world isn’t as beautiful as you think. Innocence is disappearing while you’re getting older. You realize that you can’t be happy always.

I love my friends, and my family. Although everyone changed through these years. Although everyone has a good and a bad side.

Our body became full of scars; raw, bruised and pained. But although everything we try to be happy, to make our dreams come true.

The sun disappeared. Standing up and walking away, I try to remember all those happy memories and I have promised myself to become just as happy as I was…

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