The Start of an Adventure

So as my first blog piece, I should probably introduce myself, (for privacy reasons all people in mentioned in this blog will be named with a nickname), I will go by the name Compton, and I will refer to my main bestfriend as Bake.

Me and Bake were skating in a carpark today (sounds boring, I know), but we started talking, and realized that we both wanted to do the same thing, and that was to go to nice, scenic places, skate around there and smoke a bit of puff. So we decided we are going to do it.

I decided I wanted to blog about it, I wanted a place I  could tell people about this, as most people frown upon smoking puff, but if you enjoy it then why should you not do it? I see it as long as you’re not doing harm to others, then it can’t be bad. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that but in my opinion puff is a fine thing to do, if you are sensible and don’t get carried away.

This is one of the reasons we have decided to do this, we were always just sat in a carpark, smoking and generally doing nothing, but we now want experience things, go traveling, learn new skills and become closer as friends, and probably most importantly make memories that will last a lifetime.

I intend to photograph and share these experiences here, add tips and tell you about things I have learned. Now I understand that it could be the case no one ever finds this, but if you do read this, then thank you for giving this a read, and there will be a new entry every time we go out and I will detail it here.






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  1. Welcome to this site, Compton. I’ll look forward to your next entry. Glad you have such a good friend.

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