Yuca Chips.

Why doesn’t anyone ever love me as much as I love them? 

Why do people always lead me on or lie to me about their intentions?

I keep telling myself not everyone is like this, everyone has a different mind set, different intentions but for the past few years all I’ve come across are people who trick me then leave… as if they get some cruel satisfaction for abandoning me.

Then I’m like okay fine I don’t need anyone to complete me, I love myself I care about myself, I’m okay being alone but someone always comes around just to end up being so temporary and taking a part of me when they leave. I’m tired of it.

I’m exhausted of feeling this. 

I’m exhausted of living, but I still want to see how life will be outside my 20’s.


One thought on “Yuca Chips.”

  1. I know exactly how that feels to have someone come through your life briefly, fill your head and heart with false hope – only to walk out the door faster than they entered it. It makes you think ‘what is it about me?’. It is not the best feeling in the world. Especially when you believe you have so much to offer someone – especially if they give you the chance. I have even been caught up in a situation where someone after the longest time was finally *somewhat* interested in me and I was apparently happy about it. I knew this guy wasn’t my type at all – but was so keen to hold on to something knowing all too well that he was not the one for me. And then he just walked away like that and made me feel terrible about myself. Don’t stress too much. At least you know who you are and how to be alone – some people who have been in relationships their whole life really struggle with this. So take some pride in that 🙂

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