10..She changed me…

Like always today was just a normal day at work I got home and I watched some YouTube videos played some games, the usual. There’s something that’s bothering me tho.  Not really bothering me its just there.  I know my girlfriend loves me and I love her. But the thing with me is that I always want to be with her text her call her play with her and lover her every day. I’m putting everything I have in this relationship,ive done so many things for her that I wouldnt have done of I were alone. I don’t want to mention her private life but she sometimes has bad days and I understand her. And there are times when she hardly talks to me at all. And I don’t know why but it kinds hurts when she does that. I totally understand I don’t want her to just love me every minute because bad days happen. But the thing is with her I’ve gotten really soft,  I’m a very serious person like very serious, but when I’m with her change. She changed me. Everything she says has a big impact on me,  if she calls me cute that’s the best feeling in the world I feel like the king.  And when she makes fun of me or something else it hurts…a lot. I know she’s playing and I try not to get Buthurt.  Its wierd because every other girl can call me cute and I don’t care but if she does I feel incredibly happy and sometimes blush, as well as the bad stuff. I never cry but I have a couple of times , most of then because of how happy I am with her. When I’m having a bad day I try no to show it,  no matter what I always treat her like my queen. She’s such a beautiful person, she changed my life completey I love her^ω^and Im gona fight for us no Matter what♡

Sorry guys,  I’m gona mention her a lot on my journals cx.  Well that’s it for today, if anyone wants to comment something that will be great 🙂

Goodnight everyone 

5 thoughts on “10..She changed me…”

  1. You are very devoted to your girlfriend and very patient with her. She’s a lucky girl. Girls can be moody; you seem to understand this and give her a lot of room without getting mad or questioning her to death. I think you must be a very wonderful boyfriend. I hope all goes well for you. God bless.

  2. Very sweet post! Glad you found someone that changed you for the better!(: as for that little bump on the road…communication is always the key. Trust me! I wish my husband would open up and tell me what bothers him/: but he can’t and won’t. Look for hints…like if something or someone causes her mood to change. Well I hope you keep on keeping on!(:

  3. Thank you both :)what you said helped me a lot. We talked an cleared out things but I’ll tell you on tonights journal.
    Thanks again ^ω^

  4. Yay you!(: that’s awesome! Can’t wait to read it!(:

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