Back to school

It’s almost time for my beloved trio to go back to school. Here in the South their first day is in mid-August. Up North they always started around labor day. Are they bitter? Yup. Do I care? Nope. In all honesty Bobo and Snoochie are driving me batty. It is impossible for them to go 5 minutes without fighting like rabid dogs. 

Yesterday I took advantage of one of those crazy back to school sales where you can snag a box of pencils for a couple of cents. I went around 2 pm after Deedee got back from her summer PE class. I should have gone earlier because all of the awesome advertised deals were already cleared out. Geesh… since when does shopping for school supplies turn into a Black Friday type event? I ended up spending $40 which isn’t terrible. Now I just need to get them a few new outfits.

Friday will be Deedee’s last day of gym, but… Monday she starts Math Camp. This kid means serious business. She signed herself up for all these programs so she’ll be on the ball when class is back in session. I’d never make her give up her summer for this stuff. She does it all on her own.

I, myself, have never done anything “extra” as far as school was concerned. I got decent grades which took very little effort, but I never strived to do better.

It’s hard for me to focus on writing right now. Andy just busted into my room purring like mad man. He’s demanding pets and every time I stop he knows to remind me that it is my duty to pet him. He also keeps bringing me plastic straws. He loves them so very much. He likes it when I throw them so he can bring them back to me.

I guess I’d better play with him. He’s not going to give up.

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  1. I always enjoy your posts, Goddess. I can picture the cat running after straws. Like a dog, really. I hope Toothless is doing all right. Good luck finding outfits for the kids for school; I hope you have fun doing it. Hugs.

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