For the sake of hilarity I have chosen comic sans as my font

edit: I orginally wrote this on a private site but I like venting to other people even if they don’t really care but I’ve decided that I’d rather not use any names in here. So, If you’re confused please look back up here for an explanation on who everyone important is.

jellybean: My best friend since grade 4.  Swiffer: jellybean’s boyfriend, Sticky: my other best friend since September.  Basketcase: A very old friend of mine. 

everyone else will have dumb nicknames that aren’t all that important



A while ago  I made a journal with this same website and now it’s telling me that the email I used doesn’t exist. Which is all fine and dandy, I don’t want to read it right now but maybe in future if I’m successful, not dead from a heroin overdose, not eaten alive by my 20 or so cats and I want to look back at my terribly awkward teenage years, that’s  about 4 entries from the time span of 6 months documenting the hell that was grade 9 that have been lost. Because of all this i’m trying one more time to keep a journal. (also because my therapist said this would be a good idea). 


Now to catch you up on my situation over the past month or so. I will divide this entry up into bite sized chew able pieces. Titled: Family, Friends, The latest news in how terribly awkward I’ve been, on a scale to 1 to 10 how depressed I’ve been in the past week and why I feel that way and school.


Since the cold month of December my dad has been pining to go to Jamaica to visit all of my aunties. So we visted all of the aunties. Which was fun for the most part, travelling with dad is stressful but its over now so who cares. In other family taking trips news my mom is not taking me to Italy at the moment. I’m more upset about this than I should be so we’re just going to skip over that.  I really am not having family problems and if I am I’m ignoring them. Also dad is letting  me work for him next week. gon get some moulah woot woot (i should kill myself)



While this could tie into how terribly awkward I’m being, instead we’re going to focus on nice things. Like bitchbaby treating jellybean like shit and jellybean is going to break up with swiffer at some point I can feel it. Now jellybean and swiffer are very cute but I hate being alone all the time and having to listen to whatever the ”meme squad” has been doing lately. I’m just a canister of penis breath aren’t I?.


The latest news in how terribly awkward I’ve been/friend crushes

AHAHAHAHA so. While I may not have mentioned this app before in any of my journals, its called hellotalk and it has played a significant ”omg I’m desperate please give me friends” role in my life. And recently foxythepirate™ messaged me about my weird love of psychtrancee.  Like the cool meme dude. Okay. OKAY? and we talked for a while. He kept saying that i was awesome and I kept screaming eternally. I’m mean he got banned or blocked or something this morning so rn he can’t actually message me it just says at the bottom of the chat ”this user has been reported for misconduct and cannot reply to messages at this time blah blah blah” but like he’s constantly online and obviously he has other friends but I still think he doesn’t like me. I’m annoying and hyper. Most people don’t like me. I really want to be friends with him but I don’t know if that’s gonna work out. I’ll keep you updated on that.

On a scale to 1 to 10 how depressed I’ve been in the past week and why I feel that way

I’m a solid 6. I’m depressed about my grades but there’s nothing I can really do about them so I’ve just given up. (see school)
I got 50s in every single class except two.
A list of other things that happened
Well there you go. The biggest things that have happened to me and those around me for the past month.  Here’s a couple of things that happened that I really don’t care about.
  1. basketcase had a pool party. It was awkward on my part (as parties always are) but fun
  2. I went camping with Sticky, spoop and furrykid. Awkward but fun again
  3. I don’t have a crush on sticky anymore. yaaaaaaay
  4. I’ve been omegle more than necessary. google desperate for friendship and you’ll see a picture of me.
Well that’s it I guess. Nice to get everything down on a fake piece of paper. I’m gonna go watch rick and morty while rolling on my floor.
I suppose I should name you. That’d be kinda funny.
I don’t really love you or myself,
p.s: here’s a list of dumb things I could name you
  • greg
  • Omunique (pronounced I’m unique)
  • Yanky
  • sssst
  • Myrtle 
  • Hyphernkemberly (fun fact the woman who apparently named her child this, set said child on fire)
  • Legend
  • beppo
  • Hayzley (for the inner miss understood tumblr kid in you)
I found all of these (except greg. I just hate the name greg) on a site called Where I found the back story behind Hyphernkemberly. I will put all of these in a random choice generator and you will have a name by my next entry.






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  1. Comic sans will never not remind me of Dan Howell and Doge. Or the times Dan Howell made a face that looked like doge. And as for the names at the bottom, I think it would be best to be called Hayzley. (Because Tumblr kid right here.) Anyway I hope you keep writing, it’s a good thing to do, and it gives the illusion of being productive, which is why it’s my go-to hobby.

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