July-26-2016☺Moving Out and Schedules

So my dad and I are finally moving out of our apartment and into his Gf’s apartment. At first it i hated it because i would have to share a room with my step sister (Ima just start calling them my step____ because calling them ‘my dad’s gf’s _____ is a mouthfull lol) but me and my step brother managed to convince our parents to let us share a room, so thats great. We have to move everything out though, but it feels alot better cuz he actually knows how to respect my stuff and leave me alone lol. I’m pretty sure it’s likewise for him cx. We have a pretty big age different (11 and 16) but we get along pretty well, and we’re pretty good friends. So we have to switch rooms with the little ones because the kid’s room was bigger, but we have it settled. We just need to move all my stuff from our apartment and we’re good. It was a pretty good day, i woke up at 11 a.m.. We chilled and we went back to our apartment and started packing up our stuff. I got my home clothes, plushies, and game stuff. I just need to collect the rest of my anime stuff and school clothes. And ofcourse the furniture lol. My dad has been talking to me alot too about my relationship with my SO. It doesn’t bother me much because i’m use to people never having time for me and things of that nature, but my dad doesn’t like it. It’s really starting to irritate him and he really dislikes it. He keeps tellling me if he really liked me he would make time for me and that he “needs to get his stuff together.” He’s probably acting like this because it’s my ‘first boyfriend’ (That he knows of >w> lol). It’s kinda getting to me tbh. Like i usually don’t care about that kind of stuff, but maybe he’s right… Like i understand my SO’s jobs are important but we never have time for each other. My little brother(who visits every other weekend) spends more time with me, and i don’t think thats a good sign.. I always see all these pictures and statuses or whatever of a couple always hanging out and it kind of makes me wonder “Will i ever have that kind of relationship/friendship?” Maybe i should stop keeping my schedule so open all the time and start doing more stuff with my friends or just going out more. I’m really tired of always being free and waiting to go do stuff with him when i know he doesnt have time. I might be going out of town or spending the night at my friends house this weekend, and go boating or whatever the weekend after that, and im going to turn my phone off, because i want to start spending time with people who actually have time for me.

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  1. I’m sorry you’re going through a difficult patch in your relationship. Have you told him how you feel? But you should enjoy yourself too! You’re sooo young(I know you probably hate hearing that…but it’s true) take it from someone who decided to skip out on her teenage life and work instead. The money was good but it doesn’t last long the memories with friends do! Enjoy your freedom while you can and make the most of it before you enter adulthood. Hope you situation gets better!

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