“Regrets …. no these don’t exist; they are man made”, said one of my colleagues today.

Didn’t know how to answer her or what exactly to say in my defense. Why did I need to defend? Why do I care for my regrets? It all started when the three of us- myself and two colleagues were enjoying the view of monsoon rain at the entrance door to school when a student showed up. We all started chatting and it was pretty good. The student handed me her sketch book and asked to write or draw something that would be sealed in this moment forever. I thought for a while and then started to create a graphic that said “I have a regrets in my life but I am thankful for a lot of things. For instance, this moment” and drew two branches of fern at the bottom. This was the start of that painful conversation that once again showed me a bitter reflection.

I answered her that regrets in life are real, man made for sure. She wouldn’t agree. She brought in the conversation, an aspect of the need to bring positive approach towards life, that nullifies the regrets. To which I said that reflections and therapy can help for sure but a regret may not just fade away, especially if it is in form of a person that you see and experience everyday, all the time. She was quiet. I can only assume that she agreed, somewhat. On the other hand, I looked again at the rain and it just started coming back.I knew it would stay for a while. Regret


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  1. Regrets can go away when there is forgiveness. God forgives us already, in His great mercy. People need to forgive and to forgive themselves. Then the rain will stop.

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