Tuesday night skate

Woke up so much earlier than usual for the chest x-ray and blood test. Drove to St. Vincent hospital to get the x-ray done and walked to the other place to get the blood test done. Got to the office around 11 AM and worked till 6 PM.

Talked to art team to get the dashboard design thing going then revising a version of main page with product team along with some email thing. I also started to write about HTML email. I notice that people are still missing lots of small things when it comes to HTML emails. I want to share what I learn and learn more from it.

Went to Tuesday night skate in Downtown LA and took that beautiful picture in China town LA. We skated about 12 miles through the city and had a great hot dog and beer at the end. 11:47 PM now. I’m just gonna take a shower and sleep! Looking forward to have a deep sleep tonight 😉

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  1. What a beautiful photo! I hope all your tests come back healthy. God bless you.

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