11…My treasure …

Today I didn’t feel good at work, well as soon as we’re up I was talking to my gf but once work started the heat got to me so I relaxed for the rest of the day, I’m better now.  Me and gf had a tall today…. I messed up, I wasn’t spending much time with her and that made her feel bad but now I will see her every week either on dates or when I come over.  Today I was going to get mad but like always as soon as bad thoughts come they leave and I start remembering all the stuff we’ve done, and how much I love her.  We played this game together and we had lots of fun cx.  We will go on a date soon and I will make sure you doesn’t forget it…. When you love someone you won’t let anything get between you and your lover. There have been some times when I wanted to leave but I can’t,i we t give up. She’s mine and I will love her forever!!after all she is my treasure and I will treat her like one hehe^ω^til want to do so many things with her now and I will do it because theres nothing I want more then to see her smile ♡. 

That’s it for today, once again love won 🙂

Goodnight everyone Sweet Dreams 

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