Bright Red

Today was a hard day for me, one of many that I know are coming my way. Master knew I had to go out in public today so he commanded I do my hair, makeup, choker, plugged, bound, and clamped. I was to wear a tank top and no bra. As a good sub a did as commanded. 

Having my hair, makeup, and choker on doesn’t bother me, those are normal everyday things that I would do anyway. Even having the plug isn’t bad, just uncomfortable especially when Master has me wear it constantly. It’s hidden and no way for anyone to know except me. Now the hard part, binding my tits, clamping my nipples, and not wearing a bra. Being at home, not a big deal, no one is going to see but being required to do that and then go out into public, that’s incredibly hard to do.

There is no way for me to hide how big my breasts get when bound, they swell and fairly fast. Then you add in the clamps on the nipples which hurt like hell and cause the nipples to stand straight out! Unless I wore a very loose and baggy shirt/sweater there is no way to not see my nipples! I do have a few loose fitting items but Master required a tank top which all of mine are tight, especially in the chest. 

Once I was dressed I left the house, first stop was the doctor’s office. The moment I walked into the building I could feel the eyes on my chest, I know I was flushing, turning the brightest red I have ever in my life. What made it worse was most of the eyes were women, some looking in shock, others in disgust, and some just shying away. I was waiting for rude comments but no one said anything, thankfully! There were a couple men in the waiting room but they seemed to keep their eyes averted as much as possible. I think mainly because they were there with the wife, girlfriend etc lol. It was uncomfortable being there but eventually I did settle down and tried not to think about my nipples saying hello to everyone haha. 

After leaving the doctor office I had to go by the library to see about a book for class. Again I was hesitant to get out of my car, especially with no way to cover up. But I did it, I walked in but keep my head down and not making eye contact with a single person. I looked for what I need but unfortunately didn’t find it ugh. I quickly left, retreating to the sanctuary of my car.

Since I couldn’t find the book at the library I decided I should check a book store, so off to the mall where Barnes & Nobles is. I tried to park as close to the doors as possible but just my luck I had to walk a good distance in the parking lot. So not only were people walking by to get to there cars but also driving by ugh! I was still getting the mixed reactions from the women but I just tried not to look at them. When I would see a man I would just keep my head up, looking straight, no eye contact. Once I got up to the front doors there was an older gentle man walking out. He looked up and saw me, then quickly scanned my chest…his eyes lit up! He smiled and asked how my day was and being the outgoing social person I am I looked right at him and said it was great but that the heat was relentless. He agreed but couldn’t take his eyes off my chest lol. I thought I would’ve been embarrassed by how he was looking at me but it came across to me as flattering, the look he had was priceless. I actually felt good about myself, felt good that I was able to bring happiness to this man that I have never met before just by allowing him to see my covered nipples.

It was a very brief 5 second exchange but it was sweet, which is really surprising to me. Once in the store though I immediately went back to trying to hide, to be unseen. It seemed as if every isle I went down there was people! I couldn’t get away! Most of the women didn’t give me a second look or seem to notice my chest, yes thank you! There were even men that seemed more occupied with their tasks at hand than to worry about some woman walking around. But alas there still were a handful that had laser eyes and locked on. Every time one would look or stare I could feel my face flush again, I would try to move or turn, to restrict as much of their view as possible. It was to no avail though, they seen and couldn’t stop staring. Hell I had one man probably in his late 50’s follow me around lol. Literally he would be across whatever isle I was in just staring at my nipples! At that point with him I just said fuck it and squared my shoulders, pushed my chest out proudly and gave him a good show lmao! 

Since I was already at the mall I decided to go do a little pokemon hunting and pokestops lol. What the hell, I’ve already suffered extreme humility I might as well get something out of it haha. As I was walking around I felt the eyes penetrating my shirt, from everyone. I knew I was red again but this time I just kept my head up, chest out, and moved on. One guy couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw my chest, he wanted to know my name, how I was, where I was going, and I think my blood type lmao!!! I just smiled, laughed, and kept walking. 

I didn’t make much eye contact with anyone, I wanted to but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I wanted to be proud, to show it doesn’t matter what I look like that I am confident but I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t in the mall very long, I couldn’t take the stares, the feeling of being ashamed. I was never so happy in my life to be back in my car!

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