I gave him back to his wife…now I’m hurting

I’m heartbroken. I love him but I sent him back to his wife, because I knew how this would go down, because I know what people will do. Through this entire process I was calling what she would do next, and I knew we could never be together, even though they were working on divorce papers. I became distant and I hurt him, but I let myself be hurt more, so I could spare him. I gave him the happiness he’d been craving, I gave him the reason to live, to keep fighting for his life. I gave him my heart to heal his, and it worked. He’s better than what he was, he doesn’t want to die now, but now I do. I let him go, even though he begged for me to change my mind and to let him stay with me, but I couldn’t. Now I’m hurting and his bitch of a wife is stalking me, including info on my family, status of my family, where I work, ect. I’m scared. I sent him back before finding this out, I only was with him because they were getting a divorce, its not like I broke them up, this process was started before we met, they both had lawyers. But for whatever reason she is targeting me, because I was dating her husband, and she wanted him back, so I sent him back. I’m now suffering two times over because of this crazy female and she has the ability to ruin my life and she has him back and can destroy him all over again. When I say he no longer wants to die, its not tooting my own horn, he had a plan, that’s why we talked, and I convinced him that there would be something in life that would be worth fighting for….I just didn’t expect that thing to be me, and now I’m sorry that I even exist.

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  1. Bless your heart. I hear the pain in your journaling. I’m so sorry. I think you did the right thing, though. And your heart will heal in time. You are hurting for LOVE, and that’s the most honorable kind of hurt.

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