My Wednesday journal

It’s Wednesday already. Time goes by so fast everyday. I read a very interesting article about the goal today. It makes me think maybe in a different way or validate my existing thoughts on this. I don’t know but interesting. Check out if you want to read it.

It’s been a busy day as usual and member dashboard. I was expecting to jump into coding at this point but ended up creating more mock ups. It’s good that we are doing this cause it will eventually save more time at the end. Personally tho I want to move things forward and see the result 😉 I will get there pretty soon and believe we are doing things in a right way. Got back to home right before 7 PM and just been having beers at home, going through some old websites and fb feeds. It got me think that it’s funny that how I end up here in LA at the moment. I haven’t really planned to be here at this time before which kind of goes back to the article I read today.

8:47 PM now and no plans for rest of the night. I just need to take a shower and maybe continue to dig React or just go to sleep. Hope you had a great day. Goodnight all!

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