“people don’t change” my arse

I used to be a full-on creepy perverted weeb. Despite being a moderately attractive black girl in high school. Because of this I was never really bullied for it. No one knew how bad it was .though. I didn’t care for real life/ Only my silly anime fantasy/ God was an occasional thought in the back of my mind. But I’d just ignore it by watching or reading yaoi. Or fantasizing I was a different person. No not a girl like anyone else would fantasize. I had full on fantasies about being a gay anime boy always having sex with my “hot anime boyfriend/ TYPING THIS WOUNDS ME. and no it wasn’t normal sex. IT was almost ALWays forced. That’s the only type of thing I could get off too. so disgusting. Sometimes if I wanted to get off good I’d actually fantasize about demons or monsters forcing the imaginary boy. So nasty so nasty I can’t believe I was chill with this



the worst part is everyone thought I was very pure. that sex or boys would be the last thing on my mind. as a matter of fact, my little sister thought I was a lesbian because I never talked about boys. I was convinced that fictional boys were more attractive and better than real life guys. I’m so disgusted that’s all I can type for right now. I couldn’t stop. I was trapped. It felt so good I never wanted to stop


But my God had other plans. He came to me in a dream. He for real set me free. I don’t do this stuff anymore I promise. and I don’t plan on going back and betraying Him/



Don’t ever end up like me okay? You’ve got time. There’s no way you can be as bad as I was/ He’ll definitely forgive you if he forgave someone nasty like me. Now I wouldn’t even dream of having sex before marriage. Lust is a monster. I wish some people would realize that….



people don’t change my arse


believe me or don’t believe me. irdc u.u have a nice day!

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