Task & Reward

I did it! I did the task Master commanded for me to get done within a weeks time. I did it early this morning, can’t believe I did it. It was the most humiliating thing I do believe I have ever done in my entire life. Although it was early there were still people driving by that I know had to have seen me. There’s no possible way for them not to have, no matter how well I tried to hide I was still completely exposed.

After completing the task I felt very ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed, and extremely uncomfortable. But even after feeling like that I took it a step further and added an additional element that I hope surprised and excited Master. Its weird because I felt even more open and exposed doing the extra task than I did the original but yet it turned me on! I felt sexy as hell, beautiful, and desirable. Master is causing so many new emotions and thought processes within me that I never thought I’d ever experience. Each new task he presents opens up a new outlook on things. 

Since I did so well on my task Master is rewarding me, 5 times! I also have until Sunday night to claim my 5 rewards, Master is so kind. I plan on taking advantage of at least one tonight, I need it badly. I know I could be greedy and use them all tonight but I want to show Master that I have control, that I don’t need to use them all up at once. I doubt I will even use all 5 in the time frame I have, I’m sure it will please Master if I didn’t.

As usual Master also had his daily commands, today it was plugged and tits bound. I obeyed like I am suppose, wearing them all day. I even went out in public plugged and bound and didn’t wear a bra! I really wasn’t expecting to be out around a lot of people so I wasn’t too worried, but plans changed and I ended up in a very busy store. I had my sweater with me which I could have used to cover up but I think that would have drawn in more attention considering its summer and hotter than hell lol. So I walked into the store, slightly hunched over trying to hide my secret but as I was walking around I began to feel confident. 

It was actually kind of liberating walking around knowing the only thing covering my breasts was my tank top. I mean I see women all the time braless, why should I be ashamed that I am doing the exact same thing with the added bonus of my breasts being bound, swelling, protruding even more out from under my shirt? I am a woman and should be proud of my body, be proud that I have breasts! 

Even though I had that proud and confident feeling I was still secretly embarrassed, wondering if anyone could tell what my secret was. Women seemed to not look twice at me, but then again they’re women and they have breasts lol. Now the men on the other hand were a different story, it seemed as if they just knew! I don’t know if it was just the size of them, the way I was carrying myself, or if they could see my nipples and knew I didn’t have a bra on, but man did they stare. I usually just smile and go on when men look at me, but today I know I was flushing, not making eye contact and trying to walk by as fast as I could. 

Master didn’t even command me to go out like that, I put myself in that situation! What the hell was I thinking?!?!?! I know he was pleased and proud that I did it, know that he wants to put me in embarrassing and humiliating situations. He already told me there is a lot more to come, but I know he will take it slow, not just throw me to the wolves. He has been very kind, caring, and easy going with me and I truly appreciate it. I know he wants me as his sub for a very long time, for our relationship to grow, become stronger, to be bonded for life. I want all of those things as well, I really don’t ever see a time in my life that he will not be part of it, and not just part of it but a very big huge influencing figure. I need his guidance and support. Need him to teach me, want me, desire me, to punish me, to make me give into his every command, to lose all control to him and trust him to the fullest. I need my Master!

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