12…everything is good…

Yay I’m actually writing in this every night cx.  Well today was good,  almost every day is good for me,  yes sometimes I have bad days but I get over those.  I’m uses to work now but since it’s really hot,its been hitting triple digits lately, I’ve been only working 6 hours, which I don’t mind it’s really hot lol.  Today was fun,  I played that same game with my gf and I had lots of fun,  I think a guy tried hitting on her and I hot jealous but I talked to her and it’s all better.  I’m talking to her more,  talking more about my feelings and I ask her what she feels.  I try to give her a much space as I can but still stay close to her. I want to go on a date with her Sunday because I haven’t seen her in a while and I miss her v.v I owe her alot because it’s because of her that Im happy everyday, I really love her hehe.  I haven’t watched any anime latlety so I need to get back to that, school starts again in a few days,  this will be my last year in high school, I can’t believe it… I’m getting old Hahah.  Well that’s it for today…she just texted me

Goodnight everyone 🙂

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  1. Lovely! And keep up with the communication! Enjoy high school while you can!(: best wishes!

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