Being opposite of yourself. Is this strange or common?

Today I find it weird that I am two different extremes.

I am fiery, passionate, and dark. I love grungy/ heavy rock music, skating, being one of the boys, the bar scene, drugs. This also reflects on my style half of the time, grungy, leather, band tees.

Yet there is also a calmness in me, I have a love for all things delicate, light, and minimalist. Calm music, yoga, meditation, a love for the ocean. This also reflects on my style at times, dressing like I am from the 70’s, bohemian prints, headbands, suede and fringe.

& it’s like both sides of me yearn to be more like the other, when I am being too fiery I yearn to be calm, when I am taking everything lightly, I yearn to have that passion.

I would like to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this as well as your experience if you relate. Thanks!

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