Broken and Angry

I am so sick and tired of feeling so broken and worthless and ugly. I am tired of having to explain my feelings over and over again. 

I hate that my S.O. has a wandering mind and wandering eyes. And no I am not over reacting. I have explained to him that the fact that I know he looks or thinks about other women makes me feel less attractive than I already do. Makes me feel like the love making I thought meant something doesn’t actually mean anything. He would rather take care of himself to some other woman moaning and touching herself on a screen. And all this time we have been together I thought he truely cared about me but the fact that he can still do those things and lay next to me, he can get off on other women and still kiss me….

I don’t understand why someone would think that was okay????

One thought on “Broken and Angry”

  1. I completely understand what you’re going through! It is in no way okay.

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