Day 153 – Evolution is wrong

Thursday, July 28th 2016

Again. It didn’t submit. I have to rewrite and this especially, a topic so important, facts written out, all to be deleted and for me to write again. Well, here it goes :

We returned to the creation museum, this time seeing a speaker and arrived right on time to see him. The speaker talked about how many Christians turn away from Christianity because they’re taught about evolution and then begin to believe that. There’s also because many people teach the Bible, but say to not trust Genesis, which came to a shock for me, cause Genesis has so many answers and is true. No wonder they’re turning away : if you shouldn’t trust Genesis, then why the rest of the Bible?

We then returned to the boutique, went back in to see a touching film called “The Last Adam” (I recommend it), returned to see the last of the museum (which was little so I spent time playing Pokemon GO) then went to see another speaker.

He was a professor I believe. He taught us how children today know about evolutionism so easily through tiny things we don’t realize : books about dinosaurs saying “millions of years ago…” and more. He taught about how evolution is wrong and how Genesis is true through clear evidence. For example, there was a dinosaur found recently with tissue, red blood cells, not yet decomposed. They claimed for the dinosaur’s bone structure to be millions of years old. Then, until now, claimed that tissue could not live on more than 100 thousands years for dinosaurs. Doesn’t match up, does it? Not only that, but there was once a story about a man, his name I don’t remember, but it probably was St. George, who slayed a dragon. He described the dragon much like a dinosaur, which through the Bible, is what Christians believe that dinosaurs were called in the past. Later on, archeologists found where the man slayed the dragon bones that belonged to a dinosaur that matched the description of the dragon. This means that men walked with dinosaurs. But, in evolution, don’t they say dinosaurs died millions of years before humans came along? Then how come that man was with a dinosaur? Well, put simply, because evolution is wrong. There’s so much proof out there of how Genesis is true and even scientists said it to be so until 50-75~ years ago, which they decided to turn away and make their theories.

Then again, it’s difficult to change someone’s view of the world, cause it’s hard to see it otherwise.

Hope anyone learned anything from this and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I don’t have all the answers, but I will surely answer with truth. I probably came on a little strong and I don’t mean to be aggressive towards someone who believes differently.

Tomorrow we plan on seeing Ken Ham, founder of the creation museum and ark replica. Also author for many, many books.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Funny about that, because as I was reading my Bible today the book of Genesis. In Chapter 6, Verse 4 ; it says “There were giants in the earth in those days”

    Now I wasn’t really sure what that meant. I did think maybe he was talking about dinosaurs?

  2. Perhaps, I’d have to read that to understand the context

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