Doggie Decisions

There are many decisions I have to make for Tate. I googled What puppy food is best and it took me down the Internet rabbit hole. Grain free, Raw, Organic blah blah blah. It seems the advertisers are capitalizing on the health conscious craze and consumer fears that cheap dog food will cause health problems and decrease the life expectancy of their dog. Since there are inferior pet food companies who put profit over health, it’s important for consumers to be educated and be aware of the ingredients in the dog food. Currently, Tate is on Nature’s Domain Puppy Chicken & Pea Formula and I wanted to try a different kibble. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy had good reviews (and 5 stars on website dogfood advisor) so I went with that, however, the price is $47.99 for a 24 lb bag vs. $26.99 for a 20 lb bag which we can get at Costco.

For a cost savings of almost $20 it seems the ND would be the better deal if the ingredients are comparable and in my opinion when I read the back labels of the bags they are essentially the same with the exception of chicken vs chicken meal in Nature’s Domain as the first ingredient. Chicken meal contains 10% of water and 65% of protein while chicken has 70% water and 18% protein. So the question is Does it matter if I feed him the chicken meal or is that the equivalent of giving him McDonalds? From what I read online, the higher protein  isn’t a bad thing for dogs and you can’t give them too much protein. But common sense would tell me the closer you are to the raw ingredient (in this case chicken) the better. However, I think I would have to give more of the ND since he would feel less full so that would mean more dog food. Decisions. ..decisions…

I have enough trouble deciding what I should eat each day let alone a dog. Like any decision, you think it over given all the information and circumstances. Then I need to leave it and stop second guessing myself. So for now I will try out the Blue Wilderness and see if there is a noticeable difference in stool or appearance of his fur. I can always go back to the cheaper Nature’s Domain brand since he doesn’t seem to have a preference. Lucky for me, he is not a picky eater. Jason (my boyfriend) thinks I obsess over Tate he’s just a dog afterall. He may be right. I worry too much but I do it out of love. Tate is my responsibility and he depends on me. 

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