Education is Important.

We all had that neat plan whenever we graduate High School. I always said to myself that I’m going to college and becoming a Veterinarian! Well, after researching on what I need to do to become a vet is a lot a lot of schooling. A teacher in my vet tech class even told me that the vet schools are so tough to get into. So I didn’t bother to go that path anymore.

I was looking into architecture and interior designing. I was a really good artist and would draw what I could see. But I saw that you would have to present projects and be social to people which, wouldn’t be so good for a person who struggles with stage fright and being antisocial.

So I gave up. I didn’t know what I wanted to be anymore. All I wanted to do was travel and look at nature and wild animals, enjoy the views. But of course you need money and lot’s of it. I don’t really care about money or the house I live in or anything like that. I’m not very high maintenance.

I would like to educate myself though because it is seriously so important. Also, who wouldn’t want to know more than you did yesterday? I love reading and writing. It helps grow your vocabulary and helps you with your mental health. I have started a course on a website, (which is free) to help me with my analytical thinking, grammar, and sentences.

I am also taking a bible study class to help me know more about my Father in heaven. So more books and less social media.

This will be quite an adventure.

2 thoughts on “Education is Important.”

  1. Dezire, I’m glad you’re pursuing your education, and especially the Bible class. I’m glad to hear you call God “my Father in Heaven”—-that is so beautiful and tender and true.
    God bless you!

  2. You said you though of being a Vet. Since it’s so hard to get in those schools can’t you still go into a school and be the assistant in the vets office. It would probably be a course like people take to become nursing assistants. Did you ever look into that? If you love being around animals that would be so much fun.

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