I literally have not been this lazy in months! I woke up this morning feeling so exhausted and drained. Not sure if it was because of the stress and humiliation I endured yesterday or the stress my body was under from Master’s commands. It was probably both! 

Waking up I could feel how used my body felt, it’s soreness, it’s achiness, it pure exhaustion. My breasts hurt from being bound, ached in need of being massaged. I laid here rubbing and massaging them for a good hour, trying to work the pain out. My nipples have been erect most of the day, so sensitive to touch! I feel them burning every once in awhile ugh. I’ve been trying to massage them as well but it hurts too much at times. My ass hurts too but it’s easier to deal with. As long as nothing is in it (plug) it feels good. I do have to adjust how I’m sitting occasionally because it starts to throb a bit but git the most part it’s ok. 

Master was kind today and told me to rest, I am very grateful and appreciative for that. My body definitely needs some down time. The only thing he commanded was that I work on school. I could lie and say that I have but I haven’t 😳. I haven’t looked at a single thing school related all day. My mind just isn’t into it so why bother. No point in trying to do something that will not be productive. 

So most of the day I’ve literally been in bed, just relaxing and trying to nap off and on. My sleep schedule lately has been all messed up as well from some new medication. I’m use to not getting much sleep but I think today my body has finally had enough. Even with the occasional 15-20 minute naps today I’m still tired lol. I hate feeling this lazy so I hope it passes soon!


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