Trouble with my MacBook Pro

This is All I can think about for today. MacBook Pro having an issue with Photoshop and illustrator. It slows down so much I couldn’t really work all day. It took at least twice more time to get what I have done today. A visit to Apple Store didn’t really help. I’m still not sure what it is but I got a feeling that I need a new one. I’m doing an OS reinstall now and it’s taking over 8 hours with a slow internet tab I have at home. I doubt it will fix the issue but I will see tmw how it’s gonna go. It’s just so annoying and slows me down too much. Not good!

Just work and home today! Lunch with dev team and shopshouse for dinner. 10:28 now. Will go to seep soon and I have to go to Apple Store tmw to get this issue solved. Also have to make a doctors appointment and eBay gift card thing! Goodnight!

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