Always getting over you

My phone only drops internet activity when a call is coming through, I didn’t miss any but it did it 2 times today. Every time it did, I held my breath hoping to talk to him.

I’m smart enough to know this is impossible but it’s a wild hope. I want to curl into a ball and cry, but the tears are gone. 

I’m also a little worried that I wasn’t able to find shoes online for my new job, I guess I can stop in tomorrow and deal with the ones they have. I just want to actually start my new job so I can quit the old one. I’m not happy there, but I fake it really well every day. The rumors that I am sleeping with a co-worker haven’t stopped and I don’t want to be there anymore, it’s why it’s so important for me not to have any delays with this new job.

Other than that, life was boring today. Just dealing with the normal sadness and wondering if I made the right choice, I guess I should expect this for a few months. Oh well, time to find something to do with the next 2 hours before I try to sleep again.

2 thoughts on “Always getting over you”

  1. Hi Liberty! I think you are right, it will take time. I’m so glad you’re getting a new job—hopefully one you will love. God bless.

  2. Thanks, it’s nice to know someone out there isn’t condemning me for this situation but instead encouraging 🙂

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