Better, but not healed

I spent most of the night with a group of people that are at least 10 years younger than me, running from city to city playing this pokemon go thing.  It was a useful distraction to keep my mind off him. I saw him briefly, he’s ticked at me but at the same time, he and his wife have called off the lawyers and are sleeping in the same bed again, so even though he is angry at me for giving up on us (which I didn’t) I feel like they are making improvements, which will be better for the both of them.

Today then, I slept for over 14 hours in a row, I’m still tired. I need a new phone charger and I might go for coffee.  I still am crying, though, right now, my tears are being blamed on being a female lol. It’s a useful excuse, and I’m not feeling in as much  pain as what I used to. People at work are still assuming that we are sleeping together, which is funny because we never did. But people like to talk about things even if they are just made up lies. I’m very thankful that I am starting another job Sunday. All  have to do is survive 2 more weeks and then I can get away, and (if needed), change my number.

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