Wonderment and letting go play a huge part in thinking philosophically, well wonderment is the person who asks all of these why questions. These questions are the ones that help people figure out as to why we are all here, and what exactly is our purpose in life. These are questions I know I have asked myself my whole life especially when I was younger and had a hard time figuring out my religion and what exactly I wanted to believe in. I would always think to myself why am I here, I know I am here to do something but why can’t I figure my purpose out? I think it helps us find us, and who exactly we want to be. These questions helped me out when I graduated high school, the norm thing to do would be to go to college and get a good job and completely be in debt afterwards. Well I tried to go to college straight after high school and all of these why questions kept popping into my head. I was honestly so confused as to what I wanted to do because it was not my time to go to college and I felt it. I needed a different path, but I just didn’t know what at the time. I just kept wondering why I feel this way. I know this path isn’t for me, but what is? Well I was walking home from school one day and walked by an Army recruiting station, I’ve walked the same path every day and never noticed it so why today? Why am I noticing this today, while I am thinking of my purpose at that. I didn’t think much more into it until I got home, and thought maybe this is my purpose this is what I am here to do so I promised myself that I would go to the recruiting station after school tomorrow, and when I went the following day I felt a sigh of relief knowing that this is what I am supposed to do for right now. Many people probably have these feelings, but it is such a part of the everyday life that people don’t even notice. I know I didn’t notice until I started taking this class, and realized wow, that has happened to me before and I felt exactly the same way. We question our life all the time and want to understand it more, well this is wonderment. After I joined the Army, and had to get out after 5 years because of medical reasons, I knew it was time to go back to school to have more options in life. My mind has changed so many times especially when it came to college, literally my major has changed 3 times and I keep asking myself these why questions because it’s hard to be certain about what I want to do for the rest of my life. I have a great federal job, but is this what I want to do? These questions keep me on my keep and help me figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. Letting go also plays a huge role in thinking philosophically, this is what allows a person to open up their minds by putting their own feelings and beliefs aside to understand another person’s point of view. It also helps with the wonderment process when you ask yourself these questions but the answers may seem out of the norm for you, so it is good to but all of your feelings aside when asking these questions because something may come to you that you never even thought would, something that you would never normally think of or do. Letting go is also good when it comes to religion and having to learn what other people believe in, I know it was hard for me growing up Catholic and just wondering about why people believe in other Gods. I had to put all of my personal beliefs aside to understand as to why people believed their gods and it was good because it helped me answer all the questions I had about that.

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