Chill Saturday

It’s been a chill Saturday, relaxing and quiet. This morning I scrubbed half the house, that was exhilarating! I hate having a messy, dirty, cluttered house ugh. It wasn’t actually that bad but if I don’t deep clean at least twice a week it drives me nuts. 

After cleaning I relaxed some and hung out with my lil one. We played princesses, robots, and watched cartoons. Then we went up to the store to pick up a few things, mainly here apple juice lol. We just got home a few minutes ago, now it’s time for some dinner and for me to crack the books and get this one class done for the week!

I didn’t have any commands or tasks from Master today which is nice since I am getting a break. But at the same time I miss him, miss having him with me on a daily basis. Yesterday and today he has been extremely busy, it sucks but I understand. We both have separate lives that get in the way of our relationship, it is what it is. I know I will hear from him soon and that I wil be tasked with things, given commands etc. Until then I will concentrate on school and thinking about my Master 👍

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