Day 154 – Last day in Kentucky

Friday, July 29th 2016

OKAY. Goodnight journal, fix the mobile version of your website cause when I submitted, it went to a random entry called “NSFW” and then logged me out, where my entry didn’t upload (might just be my phone though). The writing also keeps glitching out.

Today did not start off good (and seems to not have ended well after my entry was destroyed into oblivion). My shoulder was in pain all day and there was a huge zebra spider on the car door *shivers*.

But on a better note, we went to see Ken Ham speak, which has obviously attracted a lot of people. He talked about the foundation of people’s belief and to help someone come over to Christianity, we have to start with Genesis, because it’s the foundation. We can yell at them to repent and how they need to be saved, but they won’t understand why until they know about Genesis.

Other than that, I was dragged around out of boredom to several shops, my mother teased about there being a cute guy at Best Buy (weird how we’re the people with accents when everyone around us are the people with accents to us, and they always wonder why we visit them until we say the ark and museum, kinda like if they visited Ottawa) and we went to KFC cause well, we’re in Kentucky. My expectations were higher, but Canada’s Kentucky where I live is better in my opinion. The chicken was better and really good, but overall ours were better.

So I had a good trip. We got inside jokes which are about mispronouncing food places (Winking Lizard became Winking Wizard, Linking Wizard, etc. and Chick-fil-a (or however you spell it) became Chick-a-flic), I learned a lot about the differences between creationism and evolutionism, strenghtened my faith and more importantly, learned how to defend it.

I started watching a debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, basically evolution vs. creation. I recommend it, it’s on YouTube. So far, for the openings, Ken Ham has is better. His PowerPoint was organised, appealing to the eye, had a lot of evidence and testimonies from scientists who are creationists. It was also very easy to understand. Bill Nye on the other hand, spent 1 out of the 5 mins you had to talk about the origin of his bow tie very awkwardly, then went on to show a less appealing PowerPoint with typos and arguments that are so easy to counter, then left with a lot of time left when Ken Ham used up all of his time. I think the winner is obvious, but it’s a little early.

That’s all for today.

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