I have been cleaning out my closet in my bedroom.  I am having a man come over on Sunday to give me an estimate on remodeling my bathroom in my bedroom. 

Last October I had Bath Planet come and they put in a new shower stall. I love it. They did a fantastic job.  I didn’t have enough money at that time to get a contractor over to complete the bathroom job.

The area where my toilet and shower sits is so small. There is a sliding door that one can use to close that small room off from where the vanity is situated.  I am wanting this man to knock out that wall so that that tiny space might feel a little more open. I intend to get a new toilet, vanity, lighting, have the walls smoothed out and put in new flooring. The flooring will go by the shower, toilet area, in front of the vanity and into my closet.

I decided to take everything out of the closet. I took blouses out that have been hanging there for years, ones that I have not worn but still thought I would hang onto through the years.  No more hanging on to them. I boxed them up and put them in my garage.  I will hang on to them a little longer but just not in the closet.

Last night I was going through 2 of my purses that I haven’t used in a while.  In one purse I had a small palm sized wallet and there were cards in there from stores like Big Lots, Rite-aide and 2 credit cards that I haven’t ever even called in to activate.  There was also a Visa gift card in there.  It has to have been in that wallet for 2 years.  It had a phone number on the back of the card so I called and found out that there is $50.00 on that card. Wow, so glad that I decided to clean house or I would never have found this money.

Putting the money aside to use to pay for some of the materials for the new bathroom.  When I left my job in Dec my company sent me a $350.00 gift card and I am holding on to this to buy my materials too.

I love surprises.  Finding money I didn’t know I even had laying around in the house.

2 thoughts on “FOUND MONEY”

  1. Hi Grannie3! How delightful the little surprise in your purse! That will help with the reconstruction. I hope it will all turn out just like you wish. God bless you.

  2. I love surprises like that.. you have inspired me to do a closet clean out too lol..

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