The last time I ate anything was on Monday. My boyfriend is taunting me as he sits in front of me eating Chinese Food.

Earlier I tried to make a top ramen and he got up and threw it away because I didn’t ask him if he wanted one.

Then he went out to go get Chinese food for himself only.

I asked for some and got denied.

This is the most humiliating feeling ever.

I just want to eat but he does not let me.

I feel so weak and sick. I want to throw up but there’s nothing there.

I have a migraine that pills cant even fix.




2 thoughts on “Hungry.”

  1. Honey, it bothers me a LOT that your boyfriend treats you so badly. I would love to hear that you dumped him and are waiting for someone kind and thoughtful to love.
    I don’t know anything else to say. Except,God bless you.

  2. Please, don’t continue to allow yourself to be a victim of his abuse and neglect. You can do anything you set your mind to, including being strong and brave enough to leave this awful man. I believe in you! You will be okay.

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