My journal for Friday

I’m so glad it’s Friday! I feel much better now after skating 3 hours for 30 miles. I really needed this! I don’t think I’m gonna go to Critical Mass anymore in Los Angeles cause of one guy being a dick about skaters. It sucks to have a person who makes entire organization look bad. Can’t you stop being a hater and love everyone? I don’t get it. Anyway, I had lots of fun skating tonight. Also met a girl who I like to see again. I just have to wait a month to see if she wants to go out after she comes back from the trip.

Work has been little stressful cause of my Macbook that I’m writing on right now. It’s been acting very slow on graphics application that I use on daily bases and I had to go to apple store multiple times to solve this issue which hasn’t solved yet. It actually slows me down so much to work on the computer that’s lagging and it’s been pain in the ass to deal with Apple. Why does it even have a problem.. it’s only a month old. I’m kind of lost what to do with this Macbook. Just still writing on here.

12:47 AM now. Gotta take a shower and sleep. Got couple things to get done over the weekend. wanna have a good sleep tonight. Goodnight all!

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