New here 👋👋

This will now be my 3rd..THIRD time writing this as i wrote it again today and tried to add a picture and lost the whole damn thing. So here goes! Hi there!! I am a 33 year old mother to a spunky 12 year old boy. I dont care much about grammer and punctuation..besides life’s too short for the small shit. Also I LOVE my sentence enhancers…so if you dont swear or you find it offensive..please turn back now haha. I have many different moods and sides to myself. It just depends on how into my thoughts I am. Im basically a hermit who loves the comfort and safety of my home. Every now and then i will venture out on an adventure. Umm i have ADD and sometimes my topics are all over the place. I will try to stick to one thing 🙃 i am going to be as transparent with this as i possibly can with only changing names. My hope is to be able to get a lot of shit off my chest that drags me down daily. 

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  1. Welcome to the site! I hope you will benefit from it just as you hope, and we are very tolerant of language here, so don’t worry about that. God bless you.

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